Style & Settings

There are several pre-built styles based off of popular streaming platforms like Netflix, DIsney Plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime. You can use them or tweak your own.

Now that you have your new Flix student dashboard experience set up, it's time to change the style so that it matches your brand colors.

Use a prebuilt style: (aka the instant style method)

We have included several prebuilt styles to allow you to quickly choose a good color combination. You can simply select one and run with it as is, or take one and adjust the colors to suite your needs.

While on the Student Dashboard page inside of Site Builder, add a Flix Style section:

Make sure to only have one Style & Settings section included on the page

Netflix: Dark Background / Red Primary Color:

Disney Plus: Greyish Background / Light Blue Accent Color:

Hulu: Greenish Background / Bright Green Accent Color:

Amazon Prime: Greyish Background / Bright Blue Accent Color:

Light: White Background / Red Accent Color:

They all have the same set of settings that control the color on the entire page (across your other Super Powers: Auto Resume + Bundle tracks

  • Section Background - sets the color of the page

  • Section text - sets the color of the text to be used for the page

  • Hover Background - sets the color to be used as the background on the hover card

  • Hover text - sets the color to be used as the text on the hover card

  • Button Background - sets the color of the buttons that appear on the page

  • Button text - sets the color of the text used on the button.

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