Category Tracks

You must first create a Product index to use the Category Tracks section.

NEW: This is now supported on any page. When used on a page that is not the student dashboard (ex: Home, All Courses, Custom), you still need to provide a product index snippet and the course cards will always link to the course landing page. Keep in mind the product index will need to be update on all pages, when there is a change to your product catalog.

Product Index

This setting group contains the product index that is used for the Flix category tracks. Paste your product index that was generated from the Product index section found on the custom page you should have created.


This setting allows you to enable or disable the auto generate category tracks

  • Enabled: All categories found in your Site Categories will be used to generate tracks

  • Disabled: You must manually specify the categories to use by adding a Category Block

Display Settings

  • Show Course Name (Track) - when checked it will show the course name right under the image in the track

  • Show Course Name (Hover) - when checked, it will show the course name on the hover card

  • Course Meta - will determine what to show under the course description area

    • Time - this will show the total time (Video lessons only)

    • Lesson Count - this will show the number of lessons inside the course

    • Nothing - this will hide this part of the card information

  • Lesson label - this will be the text next to the meta data

  • Number to show at a time - this will determine how many course to show on the track at once. The less number shown, the larger in height the track will appear.

Style Options

  • Normal - this will be a standard size card (Default)

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