Auto Resume / Suggest

This section provides a way for your students to "keep consuming" because they literally have to log in and click a button to keep watching.

Zero Enrollments:

This group of settings allows you to control what happens when the student is not enrolled in any courses.

  • How to handle zero enrollments

    • Show message: This will show a custom message. Use the content settings below:

      • Heading: changes the heading of the section when the student is not enrolled in any courses

      • Summary text: changes the summary text when the student is not enrolled in any courses

      • Button Text: sets the text of the button when the student is not enrolled in any courses

      • Button Page: sets the url for the button to be used when the student is not enrolled in any courses

    • Redirect: This will redirect the student to another page when they are not enrolled in any courses

      • Redirect Page: Set this to a page where you would like the student to be redirected to (ex: "Your subscription has expired, upgrade now" page)

Resume Settings:

  • Resume Heading: this is the text that appears on top of the section. It supports SmartText for personalization. ex: Welcome [NAME], here is the next recommended course for you

  • What to show: This determins what course to show:

    • Last Accessed: This will show the course they were last watching (determined by Thinkific algorithm)

    • Next Not Completed: This will show the next course from a bundle specified in the "Blocks". This allows you to create a specific learning path for them to consume in a specific order. When choosing this setting be sure to add a bundle in the Block Settings.

Block Settings:

When using the Next Not Completed option for "What to show" you must specify a bundle to be used for the auto suggestion. The suggested course will be the "next one not completed". You can add several bundles and it will go in succession.

While in Site Builder, you will not see the "Next Not Completed" course because Site Builder does not have any context of "logged in user". However, the next not completed course will show up in the actual student dashboard page.

Style Settings:

  • Type: This will determine how this section looks

    • Small (Default): This will show a small thumbnail of the course image, along with the course name and description.

    • Large: This will show a large background blurred out course image with a color gradient (similar to a "Netflix style"). You may want to increase your course card image from the standard recommended size in order for this to look properly

  • Large resume background (color): This controls the overlay color that is used in the Large type.

  • Overlay Type: this controls the style of the overlay - Choose from two gradient variations or a solid color

  • Large Resume Text (color): This is the color of the text when used in the Large type

  • Blur Effect: this is a slider that allows you to control the blur effect of the image to create a "subtle" background.

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