Quick Start Guide

Now that you have your new super power installed - it's time to turn that student dashboard into a binge-watching worthy experience.

For those who like to watch

At this point you should have Flix installed into your Thinkific site. If not head over to the install guide and make sure it is installed.
If you have a Thinkific site with active members, you will want to set this up in an "unpublished" theme so you can smoothly transition your students into the new experience. Please consult the "Staging Your New Experience Guide" first.

Setup Steps

  • Step 1: Course Review - Flix uses categories to quickly create a set of learning tracks on the Flix dashboard
    • ACTION: Place your courses into site categories
  • Step 2: Create a Product index - Flix uses a product index to know what tracks to place your courses into. We will also use this product index in the future to create "smart tracks".
    • ACTION: Create a custom page and add the Product index section from Flix. After a few moments it will create a product index snippet. Copy the product index that is shown on the page. You will need it in the next step
  • Step 3: Setting up the dashboard - this is where you will change the way your student dashboard looks by adding category tracks.
    • ACTION: Add Dashboard Hide section - This will hide the default dashboard.
    • ACTION: Add Auto Resume or Auto Suggest section
    • ACTION: Add a Category Track section and paste the Product Index snippet into the product index setting
  • Step 4: Add some style -select a pre-built style like Disney Plus, Netfix, Hulu or setup your own color theme using Light or dark styles.
    • ACTION: Add a Style & Settings section to apply a color scheme
  • Step 5 (Optional): Change the categories that are shown by unchecking the auto generate option and then manually add a category for each category you want shown.