Super Power Settings
The Flix PowerUp contains several super powers (aka Student Dashboard "sections")
View the settings for each super pwer (aka "section") included with Flix:
  • ​Dashboard Hide: Hides the default student dashboard
  • Product Index: This is used and required by the Category Tracks setting to
  • Category Track: This uses the
  • ​Auto Resume / Suggest - queues up the "next" course for the student
  • ​Bundle Track - this is the "main attraction" of Flix - add tracks of courses
  • ​Style & Settings - this is a collection of pre-built styles
PRO TIP: How do you find all of the super powers included with Flix? That's easy. When on the Student Dashboard page inside of Site Builder, simply just click Add Section and then type Flix. You will then see all of the sections included.
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